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August 24 - September 4, 2017

Open Class Livestock






All Department Livestock Exhibitors must be aware of and abide by:

•  The General Rules of the Livestock    
 The IAFE National Code of Show Ring Ethics                          
•  The Health Regulations for Livestock Exhibited in Maryland
•  RFID Requirements
•  2017 Fire Safety Requirements and Tips

2017 Internet Entry System - (Closed, use this system to check your submitted entries). 

2017 Printable Premium Book Sections

Department A - Dairy
2017 Dairy Premium Book
2017 Dairy Entry Form
2017 Holstein Futurity Entry Form

Department B - Beef
2017 Beef Premium Book
2017 Beef Entry Form

Department C - Sheep 
2017 Sheep Premium Book
    2017 Open Sheep Stalling
USDA Sheep Regulations
2017 Sheep Entry Form

Department D - Swine
2017 Swine Premium Book
    2017 Open Swine Stalling
2017 Team Purebred Eastern Regional
2017 Swine Entry Form

Department E - Dairy Goats
2017 Dairy Goat Premium Book
2017 Dairy Goat Entry Form

Department G - Boer Goats
2017 ABGA Boer Goat Premium Book
    2017 Boer Goat Stalling
2017 JABGA Premium Book
2017 Boer Goat Entry Form

Heat and Safety Preparedness

2017 Schedules
2017 Open Class & 4H/FFA Exhibitor Schedule of Events!
2017 4H/FFA Exhibitor Schedule of Events!
2017 MSF Full Schedule of Events!

2017 Grand Parade Celebration @ #MyMDStateFair - Flyer & Registration Form